Group Health Plans

We work with groups of all sizes to build a custom group health plan. Below are different types of plans for your group.

Major Medical Group Plan

Offering major medical is a great way to meet the medical needs of your employees. Working with well-known insurance carriers, employers have several options when reviewing quotes, plan designs, and large networks. 

Group Plans

Group Healthcare Memberships

Healthcare memberships are direct memberships with local healthcare providers, emergency rooms, and hospital systems. These memberships are at a fixed monthly cost with no-copays or deductibles when using the services. 

Cage Free Care

Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements

This plan allows employers to budget yearly medical expenses by setting a monthly allowance for employees to spend on their own individual health plans or healthcare needs. 

Healthcare Memberships

Level-funded Health Plans

Level funded health plans are version of health plans where you the employer pay claims as they come in. At the end of the year, you receive reimbursements back from the health plan if the funds were not used. 


How to Get a Group Health Quote

Total Time Needed: 3 days

Steps To Implement Group Health Plan

Please include the list of eligible employees. If you do not have a this information we have created and easy shareable digital link to give to your team to collect this information.
Step 2 : Present Final Rates to You
We will use the census data to obtain final quotes for your group along with plan options.
Step 3 : Decide on Plan Options and Contribution Amounts
Choose which plans will be offered to your team along with the employer contribution amount.
Step 4 : Start Open Enrollment
Employees will go through and make the official elections on a health plan for them and their family.

Speak with an Agent for Quotes

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