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Health Savings Account

A Health Savings Account has tax-advantages for individuals and families to spend pre-tax dollars on qualified medical expenses. These funds can be used as an investment vehicle, and it all grows 100% tax free.

Each health plan year you are allowed to contribute pre-tax dollars to the savings account if you have an HSA qualified plan in place for that year. 

Every year the funds roll-over and can be spent on everyday medical items like medications, doctors’ visits, and other medical needs.







Features of Health Savings Account


Pre-tax Dollars

Contribute to the savings account yearly to maximize the tax savings and medical costs. The maximum amount you can contribute changes yearly and is based on individuals and families.


You Own It

The funds in the savings account never expire and will carry over year to year. You are in control of how these funds are used and invested.


Investment In Health

As you get older health insurance premiums and needs greatly increase. By establishing a health savings account today, you help offset future medical costs.


Track Your Spending

Track expenses using the Lively debit card that is linked directly to your HSA. Lively also provides a tax form done for you at the end of the year when filling taxes.


Marketplace HSA Store

HSA store with qualified products you can order online. The store makes it easy to find products you can purchase using HSA funds.


Free For You

There are no annual fees for individuals or fmailies with using Lively. Maximize the savings towards your healthcare spend and retirement. 

Yearly Contribution Amounts

The IRS only allows you to make a contribution if you have an HSA based health plan in place for that year. If you do not have an HSA plan, you can shop for one here.


Investment Funds

Use the Lively Account to help grow the funds you contribute to the savings account. They provide integrations with investment firms to make the process easy.

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