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Choose from 100’s of health insurance options that meet the family health needs. Use our online quoting system to find a family health plan use the link below to compare all the options available to you.

Common Insurance Carriers

Types of Health Insurance Plans for Families

In this section, we are going to discuss a four types of health insurance options. First option is a Traditional Family Health Insurance plan. Second option is a Health Savings Account or HSA. There are, however, some strict guidelines for a qualifying HSA plan and the plan needs to qualify to contribute pre-tax dollars to a saving account. Third option is a Catastrophic Health Insurance Plan. The last option is a Healthcare Membership and is not considered a health insurance plan but instead gives you direct access to healthcare a fixed monthly cost. 

Major Medical Plans

Plans that cover a wide range of healthcare needs for the family

HSA Health Plans

Plans that meet Health Saving Accounts requirements and allow for you to contribute up to $7,300 (Plan year 2022) to a family HSA

Catastrophic Health Insurance Plans

For those worried about catastrophic scenarios and want to cover the whole family

Healthcare Memberships

For those needing fixed costs and affordable routine primary care, imaging, labs, or emergency care

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